Meet the Team

Let’s get to meet Oxana! She was born overseas and moved to Charlotte, NC 11 years ago! She graduated from CPCC a few years ago with Colgate’s Student Achievement Award and was added to the Dean’s list. Dental hygiene and dentistry in general is her passion. She is always trying to learn something new to be better at what she does. In her spare time she likes to travel with her husband, hike, mountain bike, do yoga, and play tennis! She can’t wait to meet you all during your next visit 🙂

Let’s get to meet Rosa! Rosa is our dental assistant. She was born in Acapulco, Mexico but raised in North Carolina. She graduated as a dental assistant in 2017. She is also looking forward in achieving her goal in becoming a dentist like our very own Dr.Naba. During her free time she likes to draw, listen to music, and spend time with friends and family. She can’t wait to meet you during your next visit!

Lets get to meet Naifa! Naifa was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She moved to Charlotte, NC 7 years ago and started to work at Six Sigma Dental as a receptionist, with NO knowledge of dentistry. Today she is a a certified dental assistant! She does not only work in the back with the doctor but also upfront filling insurances, scheduling patients and collecting payments. She enjoys spending time with her family and husband during her free time! She can’t wait to meet you during your next visit!